Earring Cards: Contemporary Collection


A card and a gift in one! This quirky sheep wears a pair of earrings in a range of contemporary designs.

Colours will be chosen from the stock we have available because Alistair is currently unable to make new stock (which is why “surprise me” is the only option available).

Earrings are made from mixed metals, including anodized aluminium. Earwires are silver.

Captured Beads: Turquoise, red or glass pearl
Mobius Rings: Blues, sunset, or golden
Beaded Hoops: rainbow blue, red, turquoise, golden, green gold
Colourful Scales: Blue, red, green, golden, or pink
Ripples (three sets of colour rippling down shiny rings): Blue, red, green, golden, or pink
Byzantine: blue, red, green, golden, or pink

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Captured Beads, Mobius Rings, Beaded Hoops, Colourful Scales, Ripples, Byzantine


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