Sheep Card with Wirework Bird’s Nest Earrings


A card and a gift of wearable earrings all in one!

The quirky sheep on this card wears a pair of small dangling, wirework bird's nest earrings with three bead 'eggs'.

• As these earrings are all individually made by hand, they will the same style as but slightly different to those shown in the photographs.
• Nest size: approx 1cm.
• Earwires: silver or stainless steel.
• Wirework nests made from silver-coated copper wire with a non-tarnish coating.
• Beads: either glass or metal.
• Comes with a coloured envelope.

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Additional information

Bead Colours

Speckled Turquoise, Dark Blue, Shiny Red, Golden Glass Pearls, Shiny Turquoise, Rainbow Metallic, Speckled Pink, Glass Pearls, Surprise Me


Silver, Stainless Steel